Archived results from previous seasons can be found here. As time permits, additional years will be added.

As of November 7, 2021
1/22/202141057Arizona SpeedwayQueens Creek, AZ106
1/23/202141057Arizona SpeedwayQueens Creek, AZ75
1/24/202141057Arizona SpeedwayQueens Creek, AZ74
3/5/2021Kings of Thunder36057Kern County Raceway ParkBakersfield, CA85
3/6/2021Kings of Thunder36057Kern County Raceway ParkBakersfield, CA102
3/12/2021Kings of Thunder36057Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford, CA147
3/13/2021Kings of Thunder36057Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford, CA107
3/20/2021King of the West41057Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA52
3/26/2021Kings of Thunder36057Thunderbowl RacewayTulare, CA2123
3/27/2021Kings Of Thunder36057Thunderbowl RacewayTulare, CA92
4/2/2021WOO41024Federated Auto Parts RacewayPevely, MO66
4/3/2021WOO41024Federated Auto Parts RacewayPevely, MO1313
4/9/2021WOO41024Kokomo SpeedwayKokomo, IN2321
4/10/2021WOO41024Tri-State SpeedwayHaubstadt, INB-15B-9
4/15/2021ASCOC41024Virginia Motor SpeedwayJamaica, VA2216
4/16/2021ASCOC41024Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg, PAB-9B-12
4/17/2021ASCOC41024Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA99
4/18/2021ASCOC41024Bedford SpeedwayBedford, PA12
4/23/2021WOO41024Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN1924
4/25/2021WOO41024Bristol Motor SpeedwayBristol, TN2021
4/29/2021WOO41024Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville, IL55
4/30/2021WOO41024i-70 Motorsports ParkOdessa, MO89
5/1/2021WOO41024i-70 Motorsports ParkOdessa, MO1119
5/7/2021WOO41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH2018
5/8/2021WOO41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH2415
5/14/2021ASCOC41024i-96 SpeedwayLake Odessa, MI145
5/15/2021ASCOC41024Dirt Oval @ Route 66Joliet, IL423
5/20/2021ASCOC41024Circle City RacewayIndianapolis, IN2418
5/21/2021ASCOC41024Circle City RacewayIndianapolis, IN12
5/22/2021ASCOC41024Gas City SpeedwayGas City, IN12
5/23/2021ASCOC41024Kokomo SpeedwayKokomo, IN33
5/27/2021FAST41024Atomic SpeedwayWaverly, OH722
5/29/2021track41024Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA95
5/31/2021ASCOC41024Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA97
6/3/2021ASCOC41024Fairbury SpeedwayFairbury, IL62
6/4/2021ASCOC41024Wilmot RacewayWilmot, WI55
6/5/2021ASCOC41024Plymouth Dirt TrackPlymouth, WI83
6/6/2021ASCOC41024Angell Park SpeedwaySun Prairie, WI13
6/11/2021ASCOC41024Attica Raceway ParkAttica, OHB-15B-8
6/12/2021ASCOC41024Fremont SpeedwayFremont, OH910
6/14/2021ASCOC41024Wayne Co. SpeedwayOrrville, OH86
6/15/2021ASCOC41024Sharon SpeedwayHartford, OHB-16B-13
6/16/2021ASCOC41024Waynesfield Raceway ParkWaynesfield, OH32
6/17/2021ASCOC41024Muskingum County SpeedwayZanesville, OH1424
6/19/2021ASCOC41024Portsmouth RacewayPortsmouth, OH617
6/25/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg, PA15
6/26/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA32
6/27/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024BAPS Motor SpeedwayYork Haven, PA1312
6/28/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA1613
6/29/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Grandview SpeedwayBechtelsville, PA66
6/30/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA55
7/2/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg, PA149
7/4/2021PA SPEEDWEEK41024Selinsgrove SpeedwaySelinsgrove, PA83
7/10/2021ASCOC41024Sharon SpeedwayHartford, OH2313
7/13/2021WOO41024Attica Raceway ParkAttica, OHB-18B-17
7/14/2021WOO41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH147
7/17/202138th Kings Royal41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH168
7/17/202137th Kings Royal41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH1517
7/18/2021WOO41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH76
7/29/2021ASCOC41024Missouri State Fair SpeedwaySedalia, MO1412
7/30/2021ASCOC4102434 RacewayWest Burlington, IA920
7/31/2021ASCOC41024Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA85
8/6/2021WOO41024Federated Auto Parts SpeedwayPevely, MO1112
8/7/2021WOO41024Federated Auto Parts SpeedwayPevely, MO95
8/12/2021Knoxville Nationals - Preliminary Night41024Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA135
8/13/2021Knoxville Nationals - Hard Knox41024Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA21
8/14/2021Knoxville Nationals41024Knoxville RacewayKnoxville, IA2123
8/26/2021King of the West41024Merced Speedway
Merced, CA920
8/27/2021King of the West41024Ocean Speedway
Watsonville, CA116
8/28/2021King of the West41024Stockton Speedway
Stockton, CA34
8/29/2021King of the West41024Petaluma Speedway
Petaluma, CA85
9/3/2021WOO41024Skagit Speedway
Burlington, WA710
9/4/2021WOO41024Skagit Speedway
Burlington, WA1210
9/5/2021WOO41024Skagit Speedway
Burlington, WA1513
9/9/2021ASCOC41024Port Royal Speedway
Port Royal, PA217
9/10/2021ASCOC41024Port Royal Speedway
Port Royal, PA524
9/11/2021ASCOC - Tuscarora 5041024Port Royal Speedway
Port Royal, PA19
9/16/2021Dirt Classic Qualifier41024BAPS Motor SpeedwayYork Haven, PA155
9/17/2021ASCOC - Dirt Classic Qualifier41024Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, PA1512
9/18/2021ASCOC - Dirt Classic41024Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA2215
9/24/2021WOO41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OHB-12B-7
9/25/2021ASCOC41024Eldora SpeedwayRossburg, OH21
10/1/2021WOO41024Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, PA
10/2/2021WOO41024Williams Grove Speedway
Mechanicsburg, PA
10/8/2021SCCT / Kings of Thunder36024Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford, CA64
10/9/2021King of the West (2 features)41024Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford, CA2, 154, 14
10/21/2021Trophy Cup36024Thunderbowl Raceway
Tulare, CA

10/22/2021Trophy Cup36024Thunderbowl Raceway
Tulare, CA

10/23/2021Trophy Cup36024Thunderbowl Raceway
Tulare, CA
10/29/2021King of the West41024Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford, CA1510
10/30/2021King of the West41024Kern County Raceway ParkBakersfield, CA107
11/6/2021King of the West41024Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA82
5/8/2020WoO410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA2320
5/9/2020track410St. Francois County RacewayFarmington, MO1214
5/15/2020track410Jackson MotorplexJackson, MNB-10B-13
5/22/2020WoO410Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55Pevely, MOB-9B-7
5/23/2020WoO410Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55Pevely, MO1913
5/29/2020WoO410Lake Ozark SpeedwayEldon,MOB-7B-8
5/30/2020WoO410Lake Ozark SpeedwayEldon,MO2115
6/6/2020track410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA12
6/12/2020WoO410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA326
6/13/2020WoO410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA58
6/19/2020WoO410Tri-State SpeedwayHaubstadt, IN 710
6/20/2020WoO410Tri-State SpeedwayHaubstadt, IN 2221
6/24/2020ASCOC410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal,PA1223
6/26/2020PA Speedweek410Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg,PA620
6/27/2020PA Speedweek410Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA65
6/28/2020PA Speedweek410Selinsgrove SpeedwaySelinsgrove, PA22
6/29/2020PA Speedweek410Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA11
6/30/2020PA Speedweek410Grandview SpeedwayBechtelsville, PA2123
7/1/2020PA Speedweek410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal,PA1011
7/2/2020PA Speedweek410Hagerstown SpeedwayHagerstown, MD64
7/3/2020PA Speedweek410Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg,PA54
7/4/2020PA Speedweek410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal,PA33
7/6/2020ASCOC410Wayne County SpeedwayOrrville, OH43
7/8/2020ASCOC410Brushcreek Motorsports ParkPeebles, OH42
7/9/2020ASCOC410Muskingum County SpeedwayZanesville, OH11
7/10/2020ASCOC410Portsmouth Raceway ParkPortsmouth, OH1712
7/11/2020ASCOC410Sharon SpeedwayHartford, OH53
7/12/2020ASCOC410Sharon SpeedwayHartford, OH106
7/17/2020MOWA410Lincoln SpeedwayLincoln, IL21
7/18/2020track410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA31
7/24/2020MOWA410Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville, IL91
7/25/2020track410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA105
8/1/2020ASCOC410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA132
8/2/2020ASCOC410Huset's SpeedwayBrandon, SD55
8/7/2020WoO410Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55Pevely,MO73
8/8/2020WoO410Federated Auto Parts Raceway at I-55Pevely,MO54
8/13/2020WoO410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA2215
8/14/2020WoO410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA24
8/15/2020WoO410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville,IA79
9/4/2020ASCOC410Attica Raceway ParkAttica, OH226
9/5/2020ASCOC410Attica Raceway ParkAttica, OH21
9/6/2020track410Wayne County SpeedwayOrrville, OH1422
9/10/2020ASCOC410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA817
9/11/2020ASCOC410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA125
9/12/2020ASCOC410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal, PA223
9/16/2020track410Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA12
9/17/2020track410BAPS Motor SpeedwayYork Haven, PA125
9/18/2020ASCOC410Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg, PA1515
9/19/2020ASCOC410Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown, PA24
9/22/2020ASCOC410Eldora SpeedwayNew Weston, OHC-6C-12
9/23/2020ASCOC410Eldora SpeedwayNew Weston, OHB-15B-12
9/25/2020WoO410Wayne County SpeedwayOrrville, OH85
9/26/2020track410Selinsgrove SpeedwaySelinsgrove, PA1018
10/17/2020track360Ocean SpeedwayWatsonville, CA168
10/30/2020track410Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford, CA1413
11/7/2020NARC-KWS410Stockton SpeedwayStockton, CA42
11/27/2020ASCS360Arizona SpeedwayQueen Creek, AZ44
11/28/2020ASCS360Arizona SpeedwayQueen Creek, AZ23
1/26/2019Track 360360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA32
2/23/2019Track 360360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA164
2/27/2019World of Outlaws410Las Vegas Dirt TrackLas Vegas NV84
2/28/2019World of Outlaws410Las Vegas Dirt TrackLas Vegas NVB-10B-10
3/9/2019World of Outlaws410Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CAB-7B-6
3/9/2018Kings of Thunder360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA324
3/15/2019World of Outlaws410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA610
3/16/2019World of Outlaws410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA146
3/29/2019World of Outlaws410Keller Auto RacewayHanford CA2023
3/30/2019World of Outlaws410Perris Auto RacewayRiverside CA23
4/5/2019World of Outlaws410Tuscon RacewayTuscon AZ1512
4/6/2019World of Outlaws410Arizona RacewayQueen Creek AZ1915
4/12/2019Sprint Car Challenge Tour360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA245
4/13/2019Sprint Car Challenge Tour360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA99
4/19/2019Track 360360Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA39
4/26/2019World of Outlaws410Lake Ozark SpeedwayLake Ozark MOB-9B-8
5/4/2019IRA410Wilmot RacewayWilmot, WI113
5/10/2019World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH2216
5/17/2019Sprint Car Challenge Tour360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA11
5/24/2019World of Outlaws410Charlotte Dirt TrackConcord NC2224
5/25/2019World of Outlaws410Charlotte Dirt TrackConcord NC1920
5/27/2019World of Outlaws410Lawrenceburg SpeedwayLawrenceburg IN199
5/31/2019Sprint Car World Championship410Mansfield SpeedwayMansfield OH42
6/7/2019Kings of Thunder360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA43
6/8/2019Kings of Thunder360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA12
6/8/2019King of the West410Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA61
6/14/2019ASCoC410Attica RacewayAttica OHC-17C-17
6/16/2019ASCoC410Muskingum SpeedwayZanesville OHB-11B-6
6/19/2019ASCoC410Wayne County SpeedwayOrrville OH53
6/22/2019ASCoC410Wayne County SpeedwayOrrville OH85
7/1/2019PA Speedweek410Lincoln SpeedwayLincoln PA2217
7/2/2019PA Speedweek410Grandview SpeedwayGrandview PA118
7/3/2019PA Speedweek410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal PA219
7/4/2019PA Speedweek410Hagerstown SpeedwayHagerstown PA57
7/6/2019PA Speedweek410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal PA88
7/12/2019MOWA410Lincoln (IL) SpeedwayLincoln IL41
7/13/2019Knoxville weekly show410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IA106
7/17/2019World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH146
7/18/2019World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH2015
7/19/2019World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH84
7/20/2019World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH1716
7/22/2019360 Nationals360Ohsweken SpeedwayOhsweken CAN61
7/23/2019360 Nationals360Ohsweken SpeedwayOhsweken CAN2214
7/26/2019MOWA410Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville IL52
7/27/2019ASCoC410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IA1710
7/28/2019ASCoC41034 RacewayBurlington IA12
8/2/2019World of Outlaws410Federated Auto Parts RacewayPevely MO166
8/3/2019World of Outlaws410Federated Auto Parts RacewayPevely MO77
8/8/2019Knoxville Nationals prelim night410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IA105
8/10/2019Knoxville Nationals410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IA2022
8/17/2019Civil War Sprint Car Series360Ocean SpeedwayWatsonville CA123
8/21/2019King of the West410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville CA125
8/22/2019King of the West410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA710
8/23/2019King of the West410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA87
8/24/2019King of the West410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA76
8/31/2019King of the West410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga CA75
9/1/2019King of the West410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga CA11
9/4/2019Track 360360Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA16
9/5/2019Track 360360Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA97
9/6/2019World of Outlaws410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA2218
9/7/2019World of Outlaws410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CA1812
9/11/2019World of Outlaws410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville CA78
9/13/2019World of Outlaws410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA86
9/14/2019World of Outlaws410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga CA48
9/20/2019NorCal Posse Shootout Night #1360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville CA62
9/21/2019NorCal Posse Shootout Night #2360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville CA21
9/27/2019World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH2215
9/28/2019ASCoC410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OH149
10/4/2019MOWA410Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville IL21
10/5/2019MOWA410Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville IL41
10/12/2019King of the West410Keller Auto RacewayHanford CA31
10/17/2019360 Trophy Cup360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA101
10/18/2019360 Trophy Cup360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA51
10/19/2019360 Trophy Cup360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CA171
11/1/2019Track 360360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA818
11/2/2019Sprint Car Challenge Tour360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA11
11/2/2019King of the West410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CA88
2/1/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Bubba Raceway ParkOcala, FLQualifying: 2nd; Heat: 3rd; Dash: 3rd; Feature: 12th
2/2/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Bubba Raceway ParkOcala, FLQualifying: 18th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 11th
2/3/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Bubba Raceway ParkOcala, FLQualifying: 11th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 12th
2/7/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLQualifying: 7th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 21st
2/8/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLQualifying: 22nd; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 5th
2/9/2018World of Outlaws410Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLQualifying: 15th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 4th; Feature: 6th
2/10/2018World of Outlaws410Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLQualifying: 26th; Heat: 8th; B-Main: 6th
2/11/2018World of Outlaws410Volusia Speedway ParkBarberville, FLQualifying: 10th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 25th
2/28/2018World of Outlaws410Las Vegas Dirt TrackLas Vegas NVB Qualifying: 12th; Heat: 5th; Feature: 25th
3/1/2018World of Outlaws410Las Vegas Dirt TrackLas Vegas NVA Qualifying: 9th; Heat: 5th; Feature: 16th
3/9/2018World of Outlaws410Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CAA Qualifying: 6th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 10th
3/17/2018World of Outlaws410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CAA Qualifying: 3rd; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 4th; Feature: 21st
3/24/2018World of Outlaws410Bakersfield SpeedwayBakersfield CAQualifying: 24th; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 3rd; Feature: 11th
3/30/2018Weekly Racing 360 Series360Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CAQualifying: 5th; Heat: 2nd; Feature: 7th
3/31/2018Sprint Car Challenge Tour360Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville CAQualifying: 37th; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 13th
4/7/2018World of Outlaws410Arizona SpeedwayQueen Creek AZQualifying: 7th; Heat: 7th; Feature: 12th
4/20/2018World of Outlaws410Riverside Intl SpeedwayW Memphis ARQualifying: 3rd; Heat: 1st; Dash: 3rd; Feature: 4th
4/21/2018World of Outlaws410I-55 RacewayPevely MOA Qualifying: 9th; Heat: 5th; Feature: 16th
4/27/2018Sprint Car World Championship410Mansfield Motor SpeedwayMansfield OHQualifying: 5th; Heat: 1st; Feature: 14th
4/28/2018Sprint Car World Championship410Mansfield Motor SpeedwayMansfield OHHeat: 2nd; B-Main #3: 1st; Feature: 9th
5/5/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Sharon SpeedwayHartford OHQualifying: 11th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 4th; Feature: 8th
5/11/2018World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHQualifying: 19th; Heat: 6th; B-Main: 2nd; Feature: 24th
5/12/2018World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHQualifying: 13th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 18th
5/13/2018World of Outlaws410Tri-State SpeedwayHaubstadt INA Qualifying: 6th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 7th
5/19/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Plymouth (WI) Dirt TrackPlymouth WIQualifying: 7th; Heat: 3rd
5/25/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Attica Raceway ParkAttica OHQualifying: 31st; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 9th
6/15/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Attica Raceway ParkAttica OHQualifying: 34th; Heat: 11th; D-Main: 4th
6/16/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHQualifying: 10th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 10th
6/17/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Waynesfield Raceway ParkWaynesfield OHQualifying: 6th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 16th
6/18/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Wayne County SpeedwayOrrville OHQualifying: 24th; Heat: 6th; B-Main: 4th; Feature: 20th
6/19/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Sharon SpeedwayHartford OHQualifying: 12th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 3rd; Feature: 4th
6/20/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Atomic SpeedwayWaverly OHQualifying: 10th; Heat: 5th; B-Main: 1st; Feature: 7th
6/23/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Atomic SpeedwayWaverly OHQualifying: 7th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 9th
6/29/2018PA Speedweek410Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg PAFeature: 6th
6/30/2018PA Speedweek410Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown PAQualifying: 19th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 12th
7/1/2018PA Speedweek410Path Valley SpeedwaySpring Run PAHeat: 4th; Feature: 14th
7/2/2018PA Speedweek410Lincoln SpeedwayAbbottstown PAQualifying: 6th; Heat: 1st; Feature: 3rd
7/3/2018PA Speedweek410Grandview SpeedwayBechtelsville PAQualifying: 11th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 11th
7/4/2018PA Speedweek410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal PAQualifying: 25th; Heat: 6th; B-Main: 4th; Feature: 14th
7/5/2018PA Speedweek410Hagerstown SpeedwayHagerstown MDQualifying: 13th; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 1st; Feature: 19th
7/6/2018PA Speedweek410Williams Grove SpeedwayMechanicsburg PAQualifying: 3rd; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 5th
7/7/2018PA Speedweek410Port Royal SpeedwayPort Royal PAQualifying: 11th; Heat: 2nd; Feature: 8th
7/8/2018PA Speedweek410Selinsgrove SpeedwaySelinsgrove PAQualifying: 9th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 9th
7/10/2018World of Outlaws410Attica Raceway ParkAttica OHQualifying: 8th; Heat: 1st; Dash: 3rd; Feature: 4th
7/12/2018World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHA Qualifying: 11th; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 1st; Feature: 13th
7/13/2018World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHB Qualifying: 9th; Heat: 1st; Dash: 5th; Feature: 17th
7/14/2018World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHQualifying: 17th; Heat: 5th; B-Main: 4th; Feature: 9th
7/21/2018Weekly Racing 410 Series410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IAQualifying: 18th; Heat: 8th DNF
7/26/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Angell Park SpeedwaySun Prairie WIQualifying: 28th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 5th
7/27/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Jackson MotorplexJackson MNQualifying: 37th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 14th
7/28/2018All Star Circuit of Champions410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IAQualifying: 33rd; Heat: 7th; B-Main: 8th
7/29/2018All Star Circuit of Champions41034 RacewayW Burlington IAQualifying: 12th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 9th
8/3/2018World of Outlaws410I-55 RacewayPevely, MOQualifying: 6th; Heat: 1st; Dash: 1st; Feature: 1st
8/4/2018World of Outlaws410I-55 RacewayPevely MOQualifying: 16th; Heat: 5th; Feature: 13th
8/9/2018Knoxville Nationals (preliminary)410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IAQualifying: 17th; Heat: 2nd; Feature: 2nd
8/11/2018Knoxville Nationals410Knoxville RacewayKnoxville IAFeature: 24th
8/17/2018World of Outlaws410River Cities SpeedwayGrand Forks NDQualifying: 12th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 3rd; Feature: 19th
8/18/2018World of Outlaws410Red River Valley SpeedwayWest Fargo NDQualifying: 11th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: 8th
8/24/2018World of Outlaws410Black Hills SpeedwayRapid City SDQualifying: 15th; Heat: 5th; Feature: 13th
8/25/2018World of Outlaws410Big Sky SpeedwayBillings MTQualifying: 15th; Heat: 5th; Feature: 13th
8/31/2018World of Outlaws410Skagit SpeedwayAlger WAQualifying: 12th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 1st; Feature: 3rd
9/1/2018World of Outlaws410Skagit SpeedwayAlger WAQualifying: 18th; Heat: 6th; Feature: 11th
9/3/2018World of Outlaws410Grays Harbor RacewayElma WAQualifying: 9th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 10th
9/5/2018World of Outlaws410Willamette SpeedwayLebanon ORQualifying: 17th; Heat: 7th; Feature: 10th
9/7/2018World of Outlaws410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CAA Qualifying: 8th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 15th
9/8/2018World of Outlaws410Silver Dollar SpeedwayChico CAB Qualifying: 8th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 5th; Feature: 1st
9/12/2018World of Outlaws410Placerville SpeedwayPlacerville CAQualifying: 7th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 1st; Feature: 18th
9/14/2018World of Outlaws410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga CAQualifying: 9th; Heat: 2nd; Dash: 2nd; Feature: 3rd
9/15/2018World of Outlaws410Calistoga SpeedwayCalistoga CAQualifying: 6th; Heat: 4th; Feature: 10th
9/21/2018World of Outlaws410Eldora SpeedwayRossburg OHA Qualifying: 6th; Heat: 6th; B-Main: 1st; Feature: 9th
10/5/2018MOWA Sprints410Jacksonville SpeedwayJacksonville ILQualifying: 7th; Heat: 1st; Feature: 1st
10/13/2018SCCT360Keller Auto SpeedwayHanford CAQualifying: 4th; Heat: 1st; Dash: 1st; Feature: 1st
10/18/2018360 Trophy Cup360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CAA Qualifying: 5th; Heat: 5th; B-Main1: 1st; Feature: 5th
10/19/2018360 Trophy Cup360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CAA Qualifying: 10th; Heat: 2nd; B-Main1: 5th
10/20/2018360 Trophy Cup360Thunderbowl RacewayTulare CAHeat: 7th; Feature: 22nd (Trophy Cup Points: 20th)
11/2/2018360360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CAQualifying: 6th; Heat: 3rd; Feature: DNF
11/3/2018SCCT360Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CAGroup Qualifying: 1st; Heat; 2nd; Dash: 3rd; Feature: 5th
11/3/2018King of the West410Stockton Dirt TrackStockton CAQualifying: 3rd; Heat: 3rd;Dash: 3rd; Feature: 1st

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